October 22, 2019

Sport Game


A discord based "mesoamerican kind of" themed team management game.

It's free-to-play, entirely unmonetised so no pay-to-win, open-source and plays a little bit like digital conkers

Initially an owner (we're being careful around the term "player" as you'll understand shortly, but an owner is a human who plays the game) registers a new team.

They can then purchase players (see) from a pool of available free players. The games played are 5v5 however "accidents happen" and it's always best to have a backup or two on the bench to take up a spot should the unfortunate occur. So team owners are advised to purchase six or seven players if funds allow.

Once the team is built it's time to challenge another Owner to a quick friendly match, should they accept, the game is then played.

The score is determined by a cumulative sum of each of the three attributes (speed, attack, & defence) an additional random 0-10% of these scores is also added on-top.
Speed is used to establish how many "opportunities" an attacking team has to score.
Then for each of these opportunities attack is pit against defence, should the attack overwhelm the defence to a significant degree a 50 sided dice is rolled, should it land on 0, a player will die.

Finally there's an element of human sacrifice which allows an owner to spend an exorbitant amount of gold to end the life of a (potentially) young (possibly) virgin, doing so boosts the stats of a single player.


I had a week off, a desire to play with Javascript and had a potential audience






development is still on-going but the basics have been fleshed out, I've got a lot of work to do on balance and it's entirely possible the game isn't fun.



DiscordJS, mongodb & personal time.

Game is big good