You make it, I break it

Feb 21, 2020

The New Machine

That's a fairly ominous title for a post that will amount to "I'm getting some new hardware and want to brag", but it did sound pretty cool to me. Ye OldeLets quickly detail

Feb 20, 2020

Storage Isn't Easy

Recently I posted about my plans for a mostly new build, and how I planned to tackle storage, I've been reading a lot about filesystems and as far as I'm concerned it really

Feb 3, 2020


I wrote another game. Play it here Read the code! Basic premise is that you're in a dungeon and you have to collect weapons and armour to fight other players, while trying not

Dec 31, 2019

Can Dodo Pizza Stand the Heat?

It's Friday, you want pizza. Dodo makes some good pizza, I like a thicker base and that can be hard to get in Vilnius. My choices are Dodo and Pizzahut. Of the two

Oct 22, 2019

Sport Game

A game I wrote that's open-source and plays a little bit like digital conkers Initially an owner (we're being careful around the term "player" as you'll understand shortly, but an owner