February 4, 2020



I wrote another game.

Play it here

Read the code!

Basic premise is that you're in a dungeon and you have to collect weapons and armour to fight other players, while trying not to starve.

My previous game ("sport game") utilised discord as an interface, this is entierly web based. I think that very fun games ought to be simple and accessible, this was the motivation for using Discord as a client, everyone is already there and it works on everything. But ultimatly the chat window became a cli which was fairly clunky, it didn't help that the game essentially boiled down to being a "Virtual Conkers" where users had no real ability to influence the outcome of matches.

I feel this game is similarly accessible but the browser offers a much broader platform, the draw back is of course that you have to somehow heard users toward the game. You'll note my blatant attempts in the header3 message above.

The game is comprised of a dumb clientside application makes form post requests and server does all the auth and returns a json response object. Simple stuff.

I'd encourage testing the game out with a few people, there's currently no win condition (perhaps that disqualifies it from being an actual game?) but if you're good you can make your name have skulls in it.